Authority Recognised As Improving Says Outgoing Interim Chief Exec

barry keel 2The interim Chief Executive of the Council says the way in which Scilly is viewed by regional and national government is changing.

Barry Keel was brought in on a temporary basis following the departure of Philip Hygate in January.

He’s leaving his temporary post next week, ahead of the arrival of permanent CEO Theo Leijser.

Barry says when he came here, Scilly was often being discussed for negative reasons by mainland officials.

But he says mainland partners feel that the issues that he inherited are getting sorted out. And that’s important because they won’t provide money and support unless they see a solid future.

Barry says he’s pleased at what has been achieved since he started in March.

From Radio Scilly

Barry Keel talks about his time in Scilly

They’ve started to look at the various problems that the council and the community have faced, like waste and transport, big issues, he says, that can easily be knocked off course.

The authority has also started to reorganise its structure and shared those plans with staff.

Barry says the most frustrating factor has been the speed that change has happened.

He says if he had his time again, he would probably have focussed on fewer problems and tried to push those through, because he underestimated how much could be achieved in a limited period.

And his advice to the new Chief Executive would be advice he’d give to someone starting at any council. “Be yourself and be open and honest.”

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