Scilly Should Promote Trip As Part Of The Experience Says Top Tourism Expert

st marys from aboveWe should sell the stunning scenery enjoyed on a flight or boat trip to Scilly as part of the holiday. And that could help offset the issue of the high cost of travel.

That’s the advice from marketing expert Rob Baldry. He’s the Director of Flexis Hospitality Solutions and was an invited speaker at the Islands’ Partnership networking event at Tregarthen’s Hotel yesterday.

Rob says the flight is fabulous and we should play to our strengths. And if that’s added to a good quality stay when they’re here, people will see the overall cost as good value.

Rob says tourism businesses need to strive to create a wow factor for the holiday. That’s all about delivering excellent customer service because people will go home and tell their friends.

And he advocates businesses within the sector working together. Guesthouse owners could review each other’s offerings as customers and they should collect data on booking levels so everyone can get an accurate picture of how the season is going.

Rob says close working can help a tourism destination define its goal and that can be reflected in its marketing.

Rob says there is nowhere like Scilly, which is a huge strength, but we can also learn from other destinations like Padstow, which has created a 12-month season through their development of food businesses.

Five years ago, plans for online booking on Simply Scilly were dropped when locals objected as some felt they’d lose the chance to chat to potential guests first.

But Rob believes online booking is now a must if Scilly is to compete with other destinations. He says people now expect to make transactions 24-hours a day and providers need to make it as easy as possible to book.

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