Royal Mail Ditching Deliveries By Bike In Scilly

post box post office 2Scilly’s cycling postal workers are likely to be back on foot from 2014.

Royal Mail bosses are giving their bikes the boot across the UK.

The company delivers fewer letters but more parcels than they did in the past, so they’re reorganising the business and replacing cycles with vans and trolleys.

It means they’ll be able to take the weight off their staff’s shoulders.

And they say it will help them deliver mail more securely and safely.

Euan Rodger of St Mary’s Post Office says bikes have been popular amongst posties in Scilly.

There’s currently one cycle in use on St Mary’s and one on Tresco.

Some locals have estimated that walking with a trolley around that island could add 90 minutes to the delivery round.

A quad bike is used for Bryher deliveries.

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