Ambulance Service Beating National Response Times In Scilly

ambulance 4If you dial 999 for an ambulance in Scilly, help will reach you in an average time of just under four minutes.

The South Western Ambulance Service Trust has released their response times for emergencies on the islands.

It follows some criticism of SWAST and six other Ambulance services that failed to meet their targets.

They are meant to reach people who have made ‘Red 1’ calls, which include heart attacks and patients who are not breathing, within eight minutes. It’s the same goal for less time-critical ‘Red 2’ calls, which include strokes and fits.

Across the SWAST region, which stretches from Scilly to the Cotswolds, the service is expected to respond within 8 minutes for 75% of these most serious emergencies.

They made it 72% of the time.

In their defence, SWAST says the region is rural and has the highest percentage of elderly people who use their service.

On the islands, their emergency response was much better and while they were unable to meet the target on two occasions in October, when they took 8 minutes 50 seconds and 9 minutes a 30 seconds to turn up, their overall performance was above the national goal, reaching the patient in time for 83% of calls.

The average response in Scilly came at 3 minutes 54 seconds after the call was made.

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