Residents Unhappy With Museum Protection Plans

Rear walkway at Museum Flats

Rear walkway at Museum Flats

A proposal to build a canopy to protect the Isles of Scilly Museum from leaks in heavy rain hasn’t gone down well with residents who live in the flats above.

The Council wants to add the cover to the first floor walkway to deal with downpours seeping into the museum below.

But three residents of the flats have written to object.

They feel that they’d loose a place to dry clothes and daylight would be restricted with the overhead cover.

They also felt it would soon become unsightly from seagull droppings and that they’d have to clean up the mess.

One resident, Sarah Layton, doesn’t think it will tackle damp at the museum as the walkway requires jet washing and the water would still get into the building below.

Armyne Riddy says the plan is “papering over the cracks.” She and a number of residents suggested that adding gutters and downpipes would be a better idea.

Planners will discuss the application on January 28th.