Moorwell Rats Will Form Part Of Scientific Study

rubbish dump 3Islanders who find dead rats after the Moorwell waste removal starts will be encouraged to cut their tails off, in the name of science.

Thursday’s Waste Forum meeting heard that’s already happened as part of the St Agnes brown rat cull.

Richard McCarthy explained that Reading University received 26 tails and used DNA techniques to assess whether the rodents were building up any resistance to the poisons used.

Nigel Cronin from waste consultants SLR said the dump rats could possibly be controlled “in a quick hit” using intense gassing.

It’s thought that the rats are living in the soil heaps on the dump, rather than in the black bag waste material of the ‘Alp,’ which will be the first material to be moved.

Nigel says councillors will soon have to choose from four costed proposal for the contract to remove the rodents.

The tender was promoted through the British Pest Control Association.

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