Scilly’s Airport Increases Fees For Charter Flights

airport runwayCouncillors have approved raising the charges for charter and training flights at the airport.

Consultants, Parson Brinckerhoff, said in their report last year that the airport needed to improve its commercial performance.

They suggested these two activities could bring in extra income.

The rate for charter flights will double to £757 per hour.

This will only be for flights that ask for the airport to be opened out-of-hours, usually for private planes on Sundays.

It’s different from an extension requested by a scheduled operator during a normal day, such as when the airport reopens after bad weather.

Training flights are when an aircraft with no passengers on board lands, or does a ‘touch and go.’

They’ll be charged £14 for and Islander and £29 for a Twin Otter.

Airside Operations Officer Howard Cole says the new prices will cover the costs of staff, energy and the wear and tear on the runway, while making it commercially worthwhile opening the airport.