Council’s New Kit Means Glass Can be Recycled

rubbish dump 3The Council is putting its new glass crusher to work from today.

The new equipment will be launched to coincide with a meeting of the Waste Forum taking place this morning in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

The Chairman of the General Purposes Committee, Cllr Steve Sims, says marks a move towards more waste recycling.

The machine, which is installed at the Moorwell Waste Site, has been customised for its intended use of recycling bottles.

Steve says there’s around 60 tonnes of bottles accumulated at the site, ready to be processed.

And from now on, glass that you place in the recycling bins behind the Town Hall or at the Old Town Inn car park will go straight for crushing using the new kit.

The system can crush glass to various sizes and the resulting aggregates used for certain types of building projects such as road repairs.

Defra has funded it, as part of the waste management programme which is currently in progress.

But the crusher has taken months to get here from the United States, as it was wired for the American electrical system and had to be returned to be set to British standards.

One of the first uses will be to produce glass aggregate for repairs to Holgate’s Green sea wall.

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