‘Positive And Productive’ Meeting Held With CAA

St Mary's Airport

St Mary’s Airport

St Mary’s Airport remains under “special attention” after a meeting between senior Council staff and the Civil Aviation Authority last Thursday.

The regulator called the meeting after they became aware of proposed organisational restructuring.

Some councillors believe that the CAA was contacted from within the Council.

The Town Hall say that the planned programme of airport works is the biggest for over 20 years and will bring the airport runways, navigational aids and terminal building up to date.

In a statement to Radio Scilly, Director of Place Craig Dryden says that the meeting was positive and productive.

He says that visiting officials confirmed there was no evidence of poor safety or practices at the airport.

The Council added that ensuring that the airport continues to be safe is a top priority.

They’ve agreed to introduce enhanced governance arrangements, specialist technical advisers, risk planning and revised operational working practices.

The CAA told us that they continue to work closely with the Council, to help them achieve the required level of compliance and management arrangements expected of a licensed aerodrome.

They said St Mary’s continues to hold an aerodrome licence and remains operational.

There’ll be another face-to-face meeting between the regulator and the Council in March, which Craig says say will complement their other regular communications.