Students Attend Citizenship Week On Mainland

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

A group of eighteen Five Islands School pupils have returned from a week on the mainland learning about Police work and the legal process.

Students aged 14 and 15 travel over every year, accompanied by islands’ police officers and school staff as part of their Citizenship course.

It supplements their 999 week of activities held in Scilly.

For the first time, the pupils will have to share their experiences with the rest of the school during a presentation.

PCSO Shirley Graham says they’ll be graded on how well they do.

PC Faye Webb says the youngsters attended a magistrates’ court to watch proceedings for assault and criminal damage cases, giving them an insight into the policing and criminal justice system.

They saw the case of a drink driver and the process the court went through to support her through rehabilitation rather than sending her to prison.

Shirley says it’s a week of long hard days for the accompanying adults, but it’s very satisfying.

And she says staff at both the Youth Hostel and the Penzance Leisure Centre complimented the islands’ pupils on their excellent behaviour.