Council Wants To Lower Employee Travel Expenses Following Review

town hall windows signThe Council is proposing lowering the expenses that its employees can claim when travelling on the mainland next year.

The new rates have come about following a comparison with three other Councils, as well as the Five Islands School, Devon and Cornwall Police and the Church of England.

Head of Finance Iain McCulloch told councillors at last Friday’s Policy and Resources Committee that most figures have been “rounded down” and some removed altogether.

And while staff can still claim extra money for accommodation in London, reflecting the higher cost of hotels, the £24.00 they get for evening meals there has been reduced.

They’ll get £13.00 wherever they eat in the UK.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said she was “delighted” to be able to trim the expenses, although she added that a meal in Penzance last week cost her more than in the capital.

But Cllr David Pearson was concerned about the loss of the “Friends and Family” rate, which provides employees with £23.00 if they stay overnight with relatives.

He said doing that was rarely free, because you tend to try to make it up to them at a financial cost.

Iain said the aim is to only pay back expenses that the employees have actually incurred in the course of their work and been billed for.

Employees will now be consulted on the new rates before they’re introduced in 2014.