Council’s Religious Education Body Wants Interfaith Week In School Diary

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

A special event will give islanders a better understanding of major faiths from around the world next year.

That’s the hope of the Council’s Religious Education Committee.

Their meeting on Wednesday has backed a local version of Interfaith Week.

It was marked across the country in November but it clashed with school events in Scilly, so didn’t go ahead here.

Teacher Kevin Leeman told the meeting that he had hoped to put on some evening events this time, to engage the wider community.

It didn’t happen in 2012 either. Representatives from the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Pagan faiths were meant to host discussions here, but they were unable to fly due to fog.

Canon Paul Miller says it’s important to know about other faiths to get a more rounded view of the world.

And he says that’s even more important in Scilly where contact with other faiths is more limited than on the mainland.

Canon Miller told the meeting that there was a perception that religious education “isn’t cool” and he feels that view needs changing.

He says he wants to make religion relevant and something that engages with young people.

It was suggested that a date for Interfaith week is chosen and put in the school diary.