New Patient Testing Equipment Will Reduce Trips To Mainland Hospitals

St Mary's Health Centre

St Mary’s Health Centre

GPs at Scilly’s Health Centre will get new point-of-care testing equipment to allow the quick diagnosis of medical conditions without patients having to leave the islands.

And in a sign of the new integrated working between different health and social care providers, the equipment will be owned and paid-for by the Council, and will be housed in St Mary’s hospital.

Councillors were asked to approve the purchase of the three machines, costing £38,000 in an urgent item brought to yesterday’s Policy and Resources Committee.

The NHS will refund the cost to the Council.

Development Officer Aisling Hick says this is the best way to ensure that the equipment remains on the islands, even if contracts for the hospital or Health Centre move to different providers.

Lead GP John Garman says it’s a really good example of the type of collaborative working going on at the moment.

He says the machines will perform blood counts, and tests for kidney function, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus and heart attacks. They can also check for signs of serious infection or inflammation.

The results will allow doctors to make decisions about the seriousness of a patient’s condition and whether they need to be sent to Treliske Hospital.

John says it’s great news for patients because it increases safety and ensures that people are cared for in the best environment.

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