Council Appointing Project Manager To Look After Waste Programme

rubbish dump 3The Council will employ a new project manager to oversee waste management changes on the islands.

Director of Place Craig Dryden said the role is necessary to ensure the scheme delivers within the timescales and budget.

And he said Defra, who are providing funding for the work, had recommended that approach.

The Council is currently using waste consultants SLR for much of the work.

Having a project manager will be more cost effective, says Craig, because they’ll use the consultants less for day-to-day matters.

The Council will also set up a Board of Officers to deal with technical, commercial and operational issues. This will include staff from the Council, Defra and the Environment Agency.

They’ve already established a Board of Elected Members, who’ll scrutinise and ratify their decisions.

Craig says the project manager will be employed on a 12-month contract initially and the Council is hoping to start recruitment as soon as they get funding approval from Defra.

One Response to Council Appointing Project Manager To Look After Waste Programme

  1. Jeff Eastick November 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Would hope this could be a local person as he/she would have awareness of local feelings/worries about this procedure and just what it means to the local populace. Plus money spent would then stay in the Islands. Presume would also be cheaper as no accom or travelling expenses to cover.Local knowledge would be great advantage in ensuring work carried out in accordance with local requirements.