Radio Comedy Series To Feature St Martin’s

st martins from above 2Life on St Martin’s will feature in a new series by the BBC today.

But his isn’t a fly-on-the-wall documentary. It’s a Radio 4 comedy set in 1937, just before the Second World War.

‘On the Rocks’ tells the story of island residents trying to stop the GPO man from Penzance modernising their post office.

The four-part series has been written by Christopher William Hill, who’s originally from Truro and a frequent visitor to the islands.

Christopher says it started life 11 years ago as a play he wrote for the Chichester Festival Theatre, called Song of the Western Men.

He spent time on St Martin’s researching the locations and says while the geography is accurate, he’s created his own cast of fictional characters.

But some of the names might be familiar. Christopher himself plays a character called Pender in the series.

He says the butt of the joke is very definitely the mainland character, who comes over thinking he knows everything but is soon put right by the locals.

Christopher says he’s a real fan of Scilly. On his first family visit in 1984, he was struck by the remoteness of the place and describes the islands as “magical.”

He loves visiting and says he’s never known a place where it “literally feels as though the weight is being lifted from your shoulders.”

Christopher is hoping he might be asked to write a second series.

And he’ll be happy if he encourages the “good, solid Radio 4 audience” to visit the islands in the future.

The first part of ‘On the Rocks’ airs at 11.30am this morning on BBC Radio 4.

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