Planning Application For Well Cross Homes Withdrawn

Council chambers

Council chambers

A planning application for two local needs homes at Well Cross has been withdrawn after complaints from neighbouring residents and businesses.

The two properties are being built by the Cornwall Rural Housing Association within existing sheds and outbuildings in a yard between the Strand and Lemon Hall.

But a detailed letter from Clare and Peter Huxley, the owners of Lemon Hall, raised a number of concerns, including incorporating a listed wall that doesn’t belong to the developer into the design and using lower grade materials like concrete blocks instead of granite.

They’re also concerned about the effects of the work on a mature elm tree in their garden.

The Huxley’s feel the design of the properties is poor. They said issues such as a lack of windows and daylight, as well as overlooking from neighbouring properties and low ceilings would affect people living there.

Ray Jackman of Scillonian Properties and Michelle Mapplethorpe of The Bakery Shop on The Strand wrote to object that the development would result in more traffic and parking issues in Well Cross.

And Steve Mapplethorpe from The Store was worried about a loss of security at his property.

A report produced by the Planning Department, describes “gross inaccuracies” in the site plans, including a shed roof that doesn’t exist and incorrect wall heights.

They recommended deferring a decision to allow the housing association to perform a more detailed survey and to look at how the elm tree could be protected.

Peter Moore, Director of CRHA, says they withdrew the application so the architect could work on the designs.

The original planning application was submitted in 2007 although the scheme only received funding this year. They had applied to make some changes to the original designs.

Peter says they have to work within the existing sheds on the site and he doesn’t feel there will be big changes.

He says they’ve notified the funders that there will be a delay and hopes to submit the revised plans to the January Planning meeting.

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