Election Called To Fill Vacant St Mary’s Council Seat

polling stationAn election for the vacant Council seat on St Mary’s is being held on 9th January.

The notice has been posted today and anyone wishing to stand will need to fill in a nomination form by noon on Monday 9th December.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough has served as an elected member in Scilly and also in St Albans where he was mayor.

He says a lot of people criticise the Council so now’s a good opportunity to get elected and work from the inside.

The best councillors in his experience are those who are open minded, willing to listen to the debates and arguments and then vote accordingly.

And he says they should always think before they speak, because once you’ve said something it’s hard to take it back.

Gordon says he knows at least one candidate who is willing to stand.

You can obtain a nomination pack from the Town Hall and you’re advised to return the forms for checking a few days before that deadline in case there are any errors.

A seat on Bryher still remains vacant but no election has been called in that ward.

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