Support Offered For Islands’ Carers At Special Lunch

Jeanette Persich

Jeanette Persich

Friday is National Carers’ Day and islanders who care for friends or relatives are being invited to a support group meeting at the Wheelhouse, to mark the occasion.

Case coordinator for Adult Services Jeanette Persich says the number of people attending the group fluctuates between four and ten and she’d welcome more members.

There’s a free lunch and advice on benefits and support.

Tomorrow’s session will highlight new technology that can ease carers’ workload.

35 people in Scilly are now on the BT Telecare system. It allows staff in a mainland monitoring centre to check panic alarms and detect problems like smoke or fire.

Jeanette says the system can bring piece of mind for carers who want a few hours off and is particularly useful in isolated places like the off-islands. More functions can be added as required, she says.

Jeanette says people often don’t realise they’ve become a carer and are unaware of the financial help they can get.

Tomorrow’s session will provide advice on areas such as carers’ allowance, carers’ credit and protection for their pension.

The meeting runs from 11.30am to 1.00pm at the Wheelhouse, tomorrow (Friday).