Planning Approval For Porthloo Rainwater Tanks But Doubts Remain Over Their Use

Porthloo Boat Park

Porthloo Boat Park

Councillors have approved a Duchy plan to install three rainwater collection tanks at the new Porthloo Boat Park.

But the Duchy says they don’t think boat owners will actually use the recycled water and that they’d be happy to withdraw the application.

They had originally planned to install “pay as you go” water meters on the service pods that are being installed at the new facility.

It was hoped this would reduce water use and the risk of having hosepipes trailing across the site.

But a previous application to the Council for a supply was turned down because there were fears it would use too much of the island’s drinking water.

The Duchy has now proposed collecting rainwater from the boatshed roofs at Porthloo to supplement the supply.

But boatman Steve Hicks wrote to planners to say the water’s likely to contain salt because the sheds are so close to the shoreline.

That means the water can’t be used for many tasks like washing boats before they’re repainted or flushing engine systems.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said he saw a lot of common sense in Steve’s letter.

He thought the Duchy should go back to their original plan of having metered points, saying it was a more appropriate way of dealing with the issue of water use.

Richard said there’s no point in having green measures if they’re not used.

But Head of Place Craig Dryden, who’s responsibilities now cover both planning and water supply, said he was sceptical that there would be a lot of salt water in these very large tanks.

And he said producing water at the desalination plant is expensive and they don’t want to waste that water washing down boats.

Councillors voted in favour of the scheme although Cllr Christine Savill said they could grant permission but it doesn’t have to be implemented.

She hoped there could be further discussions with the Duchy over their original plan for meters.