Island Consortium Chosen To Clear Moorwell Waste Pile

moorwell alp from aboveThe clearance of the Moorwell Alp will begin soon.

It follows the announcement that a consortium of islanders has won the £800,000 contract to remove around 20% of the waste at the refuse site.

The successful applicant is a company formed by Richard Hand Haulage, Blackwell Building Services and mainland shipping company, Teignmouth Maritime Services.

There were two other applicants for the work including another St Mary’s business.

The contractors will start removing the black bag rubbish that forms the two mounds on the refuse site, together with shredded residual waste like mattresses, in the New Year.

2,700 tonnes will be sent to the quay and loaded onto a boat for transfer to Plymouth, then onto a waste site in a quarry near Liskeard.

The contractors are being encouraged to complete their work before the end of financial year in March.

Up to six people will work on the removal. The Council’s tender specifies the hours that removal work can take place. That’s between 7.30am and 5.30pm, six days a week, and until midday on Sundays.

A separate company will be hired to deal with the rats, which will be dislodged by the waste removal.

Steve Sims is Chairman of the General Purposes Committee, which is overseeing the waste management.

He accepts that it’s taken longer than anticipated to get to this stage, but he says he is, “delighted that the Alp will finally be going.”

But Steve warns that what happens next with our waste is just as important, if we don’t want a rerun.

It’s a community problem that will require all islanders to work together to solve, he says.

The work is being funded by the Department for Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs as part of the longer term waste management strategy for the islands.

The next phase of that will include the processing and recovery of other materials remaining on the site, such as the ash from the incinerator and waste from construction and demolition projects.

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