MMO Begins Six-Week Environmental Consultation on St Mary’s Quay Plans

St Mary's Quay

St Mary’s Quay

The Marine Management Organisation has started a formal six-week consultation into the environmental impact of the proposed building works at St Mary’s quay.

The £16m scheme to improve the quay facilities in Scilly and Penzance was given the green light recently by the Department for Transport and the project team are awaiting an announcement on European funding.

Amy Wardlaw from the MMO says they have to consult on every licence application they receive.

And if there’s sufficient evidence, she says the applicant could be asked to change their plans or even withdraw the proposal.

The Council’s Strategic Investment manager, Diana Mompoloki says it’s normal for the MMO consultation to take place close to the start of the work. That’s so the final details of the building techniques being used are known.

Copies of the environmental impact statement and additional background information have been placed in the library at Porthcressa for the public to view.

Diana says much of the survey work had already been carried out for the failed Route Partnership scheme.

This was a much larger scheme, so parts of the statement have been updated to reflect the scaled-back project.

The environmental impact statement looks at areas such as water quality, effects on plants and animals, the archaeology and cultural heritage, as well as noise and vibration caused by the work.

Previous surveys had identified the rare southern cup coral living at the base of the quay wall and mitigation plans have been suggested, such as encouraging them to recolonize once the works are complete.

Objections can be made in writing or emailed to the Marine Management Organisation.

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