Scilly’s Stitchers Receive Grant For Training

Some of the members of St Mary's Quilters

Some of the members of St Mary’s Quilters

A group of sewing enthusiasts from Scilly will be learning a new technique next year after receiving a grant from the Scilly Lottery Fund.

The 15-strong Lyonesse Quilters and Stitchers will get £500 to run a ‘hot pressing’ workshop in the summer.

Karrie Skaife from the group says they first saw the technique during Art Scilly Week earlier in the year, when it was being taught by two ladies from Somerset who were on holiday on Bryher

And Karrie says it was completely new to her. Images are painted onto paper and then pressed onto fabric to produce vibrant designs,

And she was struck immediately by how the method could be used to produce fabric for their quilts.

The group produces comfort blankets for severely ill children as part of the ‘Project Linus’ scheme.

The grant will allow the ladies to run a two-day workshop next summer for all of their members.