Government Says Troubled Families Helped In Scilly

hugh town from BuzzaTwo of the five ‘troubled families’ identified in Scilly have been turned around according to new figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

In 2011, the government launched a plan to transform the lives of the country’s most troubled families.

These are defined as families involved in youth crime or anti-social behaviour, or have children who are excluded from school or regularly truanting.

The government pays local authorities up to £4,000 for each case on a ‘payment-by-results’ basis.

They estimated that there were five such families in Scilly at the start of the programme and the latest figures show that two families in Scilly have actually received help under the scheme with a positive outcome.

Although the numbers in Scilly are small, the achievement is still much higher than in other areas.

For example Northumberland, which has 650 troubled families, didn’t manage to turn a single family around.