Scilly’s Golf Course Is Pitch Perfect

Isles of Scilly Golf Club

Isles of Scilly Golf Club

The hard work of the three volunteer greenkeepers at the Isles of Scilly Golf Club has been recognised in a four-page feature in the current edition of trade magazine, Pitchcare.

Derek Metcalfe, Garfield Ellis and Bill Pender have all been tending the greens since professional greensman Graham Mumford was forced to retire through ill health.

The article describes how they’ve effectively learned from scratch the way to look after the course.

Derek says it’s great to have their efforts celebrated in the magazine and he’s particularly pleased with how the photos came out, taken by himself, Peter Leahy and Chris Hall.

The trio get help twice a year from a mainland expert – Dave Manley, who is head greenkeeper at Praa Sands Country Club in Cornwall.

He advises them on the state of the surface and what techniques they should be using.

Derek says the work isn’t hard but it’s been challenging learning how to keep things in top condition. And he says he’s always aiming to get the greens to a point where he would want to play on them.

Things aren’t perfect, says Derek. He’s worried that the bunkers seem to fill up with water every time it rains.

And he’s put signs up in the clubhouse to encourage players to repair pitch marks, one of his pet hates.

But he says players are saying that their dedication is now starting to show results and one said he’s never seen the course in such wonderful condition.

Derek puts that down to everyone’s hard work, including Graham before he retired.