Old Hugh Town Phone Box Restored To Former Glory

A former Hugh Town feature is back on display, 15 years after it was taken out.

The old red telephone box that used to be sited at The Park has been lovingly restored to its original condition by Ben Kirk.

And it’s been reinstalled in Ben’s front garden at Evergreen Cottage, just yards from where it originally stood.

Ben spotted it at Steve Griffin’s zoo on St Mary’s and saw the opportunity to bring it back to life.

He says he’s spent hundreds of hours working on the box, stripping it right back to the bare cast iron, followed by new coats of paint. He’s even left the old phone inside.

And in this condition, it could be worth up to £3,000 in auction.

Ben says everyone seems to love it and he’s had no bad feedback since it’s gone on display.

People have commented on the attention to detail and Ben says it’s been worth all the work just for that.

So far nobody’s tried to use it, although it isn’t locked, so that could just be a matter of time.