St Martin’s Wind Station Gets Upgrade After Storm Malfunction

st martins from tolls island  2You’ll be able to view accurate wind strength data from Scilly tomorrow.

St Martins boat operator Terry Perkins is adding a more resilient wind gauge following the interest in his readings during the recent stormy weather.

Terry’s old equipment tended to malfunction when gusts exceeded 60 knots. He’s replaced the reed contact switch with a magnetic version.

It’s American manufacturers claim it will be reliable during storms with gusts up to 200 miles an hour although Terry hopes he never gets to test that capability!

Data collected on his roof is then sent through the internet to Weatherlink in the USA, where it goes online.

The system will be offline for 24 hours from 1pm today for an upgrade.

Terry jokes that his roof is starting to look like a CIA installation. He’s just added an aircraft radar aerial, in addition to his marine shipping monitor.

That means he can track Skybus Twin Otter flights. Until now they were monitored from an aerial at Exeter but it couldn’t follow them when they descended below 1,000 feet.

Now their journey can be viewed through to landing at St Mary’s airport. Terry says he expects the Islander planes to add the same tracking technology next year.

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