New Bishop And Wolf Landlord Looking Forward To Life In Scilly

rob bass bishop and wolf pub
The Bishop and Wolf pub on St Mary’s has a new landlord and he says he’s “here for the long haul.”

Rob Bass has run a single pub in Oakhampton for the past ten years. He’s taken a six-month lease on the Bishop from the owners St Austell Brewery, but says he’s hoping to extend that to 15 years.

Rob is no stranger to Scilly. His wife’s late grandmother was originally from the islands and the couple regularly holidayed here, including spending their honeymoon here.

They both love Scilly and felt it would be a good place to bring up their two young sons.

Rob says some people have told him he’s mad to take on a pub that’s had ten landlords in the same number of years.

But he says he looked at all the pros and cons, and the business feels right.

And if he hadn’t taken on the lease, he says the brewery would have closed it this winter.

Rob isn’t worried about starting at such a quiet time of the year. It’s a chance to get settled in and meet the locals, who he’s keen to attract back into the business.

At his Devon pub, he regularly runs community events and charity fundraisers, and has live music every weekend.

While that might not be possible here, Rob says he’d like to keep the weekly folk night going and get involved in the local pool and darts leagues.

He’s not planning to make any big changes yet, although he says food will be an important part of the business and something he wants to get right for the start of the season. That will mean simple, well cook dishes rather than “cheap and cheerful” he says.

And he’ll be relying on the one remaining member of staff, Carly Philips, to help him plan for Christmas and New Year.

He doesn’t have any hand-over figures and says it’s going to be a lot of guesswork.

But he’s already disappointed with one aspect of the business.

Rob says he’s heard about the ghost, which is said to haunt the rear lounge and even watched the CCTV footage on YouTube.

The only thing that’s gone bump in the night so far is his head on the low doorways in the staff accommodation.