Council Rejects Complaints About New Street Lights

The Council has responded to complaints from St Mary’s residents about the new Hugh Town street lighting.

Sheila Thomas lives opposite one of the modern design street lamps on Porthcressa Road and says it is not in keeping with Scilly. And she feels it’s too bright.

A number of islanders have taken to Facebook to agree.

Nearby neighbour Tony Smith claims that you can’t look out and see the moon and stars, or the shapes of waves crashing on the beach anymore. Tony argues that we now have “maximum light pollution” which goes against the AONB goal of reducing it.

Council Director of Place Craig Dryden says the five modern lights use cost effective LED bulbs and will save the Council around £2,410 per year, whilst also reducing its carbon footprint.

They last twenty years, he says, and require much lower maintenance, ensuring further savings.

Craig says that they have been carefully designed to minimise light pollution through the use of a hood to ensure that the beam from the lights is directed downwards.

But Sheila says they cast too much light. She says the light might have a cover, but there’s still a halo all around it and it illuminates a huge area from Porthcressa Flats to the Schiller Shelter.

The Council says as a highway authority it has a responsibility to ensure Hugh Town and Old Town are properly lit in the interests of community safety.

And that means it will continue to upgrade and modernise its street lighting.

In the more historic parts of the conservation area, standard poles have been replaced with more decorative black columns with imitation gaslights, says Craig.

The three new ones are identical in design and size to the previous ones that have been erected in both Hugh Town and Old Town.

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