Manager Puts Record Straight Over Air Traffic Controllers

airport terminal frontThe Council Director in charge of Scilly’s airport is putting the record straight over the hours worked by his air traffic controllers.

At the last Transport Committee meeting in September, Chief Fire Officer Steve Webster told councillors that opening the airport seven-days a week could put staff over their permitted working hours, which included being on call for medical emergencies at nights and weekends.

That meant they’d need to employ a fifth controller at a cost of over £50,000.

But Steve has sent a report to members saying the discussion may have left them with a false impression regarding the arrangements for out-of-hours medical and rescue flights.

He says he didn’t make it clear that the air traffic controllers provide this out of their own time and without a call-out fee.

He says they also regularly work overtime, without additional pay or time-off-in-lieu, if there are delays to the end of the flying day, caused by poor weather.

In October, the Council voted to allow Sunday flying, which it’s hoped will be introduced before the start of next year’s tourist season.

They’ve also asked for an independent peer review of the activities and operating costs of the airport, which is expected to start shortly and be completed by the end of December.

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