Trio From Scilly Back From Alcatraz Sea Swim

alcatraz swim 2013
Three sea swimmers have swapped Scilly’s waters for San Francisco Bay as they swam across to the former prison island of Alcatraz.

Tammy MacDonald and Ruth and Duncan Nicholls have been planning the challenge for two years.

They did it to celebrate Ruth’s 50th birthday and her recently found passion for swimming, a sport she only took up three years ago ahead of the Tresco triathlon.

The trio made the 1.4-mile crossing in 55 minutes but they couldn’t just dive in and swim.

Before they got in the water, the trio were briefed on the treacherous tides and the risks from sharks and sea lions. But despite the conditions, Tammy says the swim from Tresco to St Mary’s is worse.

And they said crossing to the infamous prison island was “stunning” with the views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Both women say they’re glad to be home and will appreciate the clarity of the sea around Scilly even more.

They’ll be back in the water over the next few days and are weighing up options for their next special swim.

Their current favourite choices are in warmer locations, like the Mediterranean.