Clean Bill of Health For Scilly’s Airport In Safety Audit

airport from old town
St Mary’s Airport has been given a clean bill of health following its annual safety audit.

The inspection, carried out by the Civil Aviation Authority over two days in July, looked at all aspects of safety associated with the aerodrome as well as the fire and rescue service.

The airport had no major compliance issues other than a handful of minor maintenance problems, which were not considered serious hazards.

These included worn out grass patches and markings on the runways, and fuel used in fire training seeping into the soil. All have now been rectified.

Airports also have to report any incidents to the CAA. In the year ending in September, there were seven events logged for St Mary’s.

These included two incidents of passengers from private aircraft walking across a runway, a plane clipping a runway light and an object hitting a propeller while taxiing.

In May, a Skybus Islander aircraft landed with a flat nose wheel tyre, while there were two incidents of bird strikes.

The report, which is due to go before members of next Tuesday’s Transport Committee, also details the results of the latest friction tests on the runways.

Back in June last year, councillors were told that the runway surface was in poor condition and would only last another 12 to 18 months.

The results show that the grip is still above the minimum level and hasn’t actually deteriorated in the past year. Some areas have even improved.

Airport management is putting this down to a new sweeping programme that’s being used on the runway.