Steamy New Historical Novel Set In Scilly

seduced by love book start castleA Mills and Boon author has published a new steamy novel set at the Star Castle in Scilly.

Louise Allen’s novella, ‘Seduced by Love’ is set in the early 19th Century on the Garrison.

It features a ghost, similar to Barbara Simpson’s famous local novel, but Louise’s tale refers to a ghost of a soldier who wanders the hill.

And that’s where the similarities end.

Whilst this new tale isn’t exactly ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ Louise says some shy readers “may blush a nice shade of red” when they read about the stormy romps on the ramparts.

She says she tends to write what are called ‘Hot Historicals,’ with very sensual scenes.

Her book is about a single night and day on the islands and tells the story of a couple who are trying to retrieve their marriage.

She’s authored previous stories about Scilly and researched this new book when she came over to prepare a trilogy of novels linked by a shipwreck.

Louise says islands make good settings for any type of novel because people perceive them as intrinsically romantic and mysterious.

You have to make an effort to get here, she says, but when you arrive it’s so different from the mainland. And she describes the islands as “enchanting.”

Louise hadn’t thought about using the book to promote romantic breaks for couples here, but feels there could be potential.

The book is available on Amazon for download.

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