Scilly’s WI Members Meet To Celebrate New Porthcressa Gift

WI Weathervane 1
Members of the St Mary’s Women’s Institute have met to view the weather vane that they paid for as part of the Porthcressa regeneration project.

Sue Williams said members were asked to think of ideas to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the weather vane won the vote. It’s also the organisation’s jubilee in January.

It was placed on the new Schiller Shelter earlier this year, although the original plan was to put it on the library.

It turned out that wasn’t possible because of the unusual shape of the roof on that building.

The weather vane pointer was removed earlier this year, probably as a prank, but Sue says she’s pleased the vital piece was eventually returned.

Newspapers have reported the there’s been demand for places in WI’s upcountry following interest in baking, homemaking and decorating programmes featuring celebrities like Mary Berry and Kirsty Allsop.

And Sue says Scilly’s group has seen some new interest.

She says the WI has a reputation for being a bit “fuddy-duddy” but the four new members of the group this year have all been “quite young.”