Methodist Minister Extends Term In Scilly For Three Years

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

Scilly’s Methodist minister will remain in the role until 2017.

Methodist clergy on the mainland usually get appointed for an initial five-year term and it’s common for them to renew for a second term.

The average tenure is 10 years, but that hasn’t always been the case in Scilly.

Charlie Gibb’s first period will end next summer. After discussions with church leaders he’s agreed to stay on for an additional three years to avoid the cost and disruption of bringing in another minister at this stage.

Charlie says he’s 65 and wants to work until 68, partly for pension reasons and also because he’s still building a house in Norfolk.

He says he didn’t expect to be in the role for such a long time but is delighted to be able to stay on in a place that he loves.

Charlie says Methodist ministers know that they will move around often during their work.

That’s how he ended up in Scilly. It wasn’t somewhere he chose, but somewhere he was sent, and he’s happy that happened.

“It’s the most interesting place I’ve ever worked,” says Charlie.