Air Ambulance Fundraiser Stepping Down After Twenty Years

Cornwall Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance

After more than twenty years of volunteering with the Cornwall Air Ambulance, the woman who started their fundraising in Scilly is stepping down.

Ang Jenkins is handing over the role to Sam and Jan Guy.

Ang says activities for the air ambulance have grown massively on the islands over the years and it’s now a job that’s too big for her, although she’s pleased it’s being handed over to such capable hands.

She doesn’t know the total amount of money brought in during her time but says it’s likely to be a six-figure sum.

Last year the islands raised £23,000, which included a number of donations in memoriam.

Fundraising alone generated around £10,800 in 2012 and 2011, some raised in special events like the cycle ride across the USA, donations from the Buntzig Motorbike Group and the collection tins in the Boatmen’s Association boats.

Ang says she’ll remain involved with the charity and a keen supporter. She says the community here in Scilly depends completely on the air ambulance and is pleased there will be a second one brought into service next year.

Jan Guy says she’s looking forward to taking over. She’s undertaken a similar role for the charity on the mainland at Polruan.

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