Scilly Joins Cornwall To Tackle Social Inequalities

hugh town from BuzzaThe Council of the Isles of Scilly is becoming a partner in a project to tackle social inequalities in the region.

They’re joining an initiative lead by Inclusion Cornwall, who bring together different organisations involved in training, economic deprivation and health.

At last month’s Health and Wellbeing Board, members of Scilly’s Council heard from Inclusion Cornwall Manager Andrea Gilbert.

She said a huge amount of European Social Fund money would be coming this way over the next couple of years and 20% of that had to be spent on inclusion work.

The Local Enterprise Partnership will be managing the fund and Inclusion Cornwall is helping them with their bid to the government for the cash.

Public consultation in the Duchy showed that some of the biggest concerns there were around homelessness, poor education and training, low wages and a gap in life expectancy between the richest and poorest areas.

And while crime levels were generally lower than the rest of the country, there’s an increasing trend in domestic abuse, sexual violence and hate crimes.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said the facts were striking, but felt Scilly probably had a different range of problems to our neighbours.

Cllr Chris Savill said that Scilly would have nothing to lose by participating and it wouldn’t have to be a big piece of work.

But both Christine and Richard felt that a proposed consultation with residents, organisations and businesses on the islands, similar to that held in Cornwall, wasn’t necessary.

Christine said a lot of the information had already been collected by groups such as Healthwatch.

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