Rowvember Organisers Urging Teams To Register By Monday

Faye Webb during last year's Rowvember challenge

Faye Webb during last year’s Rowvember challenge

It’s a week before the second all-night charity rowing challenge takes place at the sports hall on St Mary’s.

But organisers are urging would-be participants to register by Monday, so the event can go ahead.

So far no groups have confirmed, although four teams have said they want to do it.

Faye Webb is arranging the fundraiser with colleague Shirley Graham and sports hall manager Tess Lloyd.

Faye says they need at least four teams to enter, to justify the cost of renting the hall and the effort involved in organising the event.

She’s hoping that people just haven’t got their paperwork together yet, especially as a lot of islanders are away for the half term holiday.

And if you can’t get the forms in on Monday, but still want to take part, Faye says you should ring the sports hall to let them know.

Faye admits there have been a lot of sporting events this year on the islands and she thinks people might have decided to take things slower this autumn.

Teams need to pay £150 to take part. That covers the costs of hiring the sports hall and will bring in cash for charity.

It’s hoped that fundraising from the rowing, or the alternative ‘Go-vember’ event on the elliptical trainer, will support the travel costs of islands’ schoolchildren to mainland sporting events.

Last year’s challenge generated around £2,000 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance.