Ownership Of Historic Clock In Scilly Still Not Decided

The clock mechanism

The clock mechanism

Two and a half years after the royal visit to Scilly, the Council has still not decided what to do with an historic clock that was displayed to the Queen.

It was taken down from St Mary’s Parish Church when the new bells where installed in 2009 and a new electric timepiece was put in.

At the time, former Chief Executive Philip Hygate told Radio Scilly that he believed it was made by the company behind the clock inside the Elizabeth Tower at Westminster, commonly known as Big Ben.

He wanted the mechanism to drive a public timepiece, and there were suggestions that it would be placed in the new library, although when members heard it could cost £25,000 to refurbish, they wanted to be sure it was Town Hall property.

In March, they discussed the ownership and some councillors were convinced that it was the Authority’s.

But six months on it remains in storage in a unit at Porthmellon, inside the display casing, which the Council commissioned for the visit.

Council Press Officer George Pearson told us that they are still trying to clarify ownership.

But Fiona Maybrey told Radio Scilly she hasn’t heard that any parish church colleagues were claiming ownership and Canon Paul Miller told us he’s not been asked about the clock in the year that he has been in Scilly.

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