Scilly’s Gun Owners Asked To Be Careful Where They Shoot

bt_openreach_vanScilly’s BT engineer is appealing for St Mary’s residents who go shooting to exercise care around telephone wires, so locals don’t get cut off.

Stuart Moore said he spent much of yesterday morning at Pelistry, replacing 240 metres of overhead cable due to shotgun damage.

He says it’s an expensive process, which also inconveniences the customer. They lose phone and internet connection.

Stuart says some locals do 90% of their business through internet sales, which they can’t do if their phone line has been cut.

In the past, larger cables at Trenoweth were ruined and it cost several thousands of pounds to repair them. Stuart says specialist equipment and a cabling crew had to be brought over.

He’s appealing for gun owners to ensure there are no overhead wires or cables in the way before they pull the trigger.