Councillors Want Better Publicity For Winter Wellness Campaign

winter wellbeingCouncillors have agreed to part-fund this year’s regional Winter Wellness health campaign.

The programme offers vulnerable people here and in Cornwall advice on eating well, staying healthy and warm. It was launched last year.

Anthony Ball from the mainland-based public health team told councillors that funding has fallen from £240,000 in 2012 to £50,000 this year, but said that cash has been “squirreled away” to fund the reduced programme.

It’s designed to advise people trapped in fuel poverty.

That used to refer to islanders who spent over 10% of their income on energy although Anthony says the government changed the criteria recently.

It’s now defined as people who pay more than the average energy cost, although he says many islanders will still affected because of high fuel costs here.

Anthony says the guidance, contained in a 40-page leaflet, was designed to “keep people out of hospital.”

An updated version of the Scilly edition of the advice leaflet, as well as tips produced on a business card, will be made available.

But Cllr Christine Savill warned that the winter advice wasn’t getting through to the off islands.

She didn’t see any of the leaflets on St Martin’s last year and says there needs to be more done to promote the availability of the programme.

Cllr Amanda Martin suggested that Post Offices should be sent the guides and Cllr David Pearson wanted more information on Council noticeboards, including sites at Telegraph and Normandy.

But he accepted that some of the people who would most benefit might not be able to view the boards.

Members agreed to offer £500 funding towards the project.