Council’s Historic Objects Go On Display In Wesleyan Chapel

Historic and valuable objects owned by the Council of the Isles of Scilly are being put on public display in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

Chairman Amanda Martin says it’s part of a process to identify the authority’s so-called ‘heritage assets.’

Many of the pieces have been stored in buildings that aren’t accessible to the public, which Amanda says is a “great shame” because they’ve been given to the authority and should be on display.

The Old Wesleyan Chapel already contains a pair of 18-inch globes, made in 1799 and 1845, as well as antique chairs, swords, rifles and a George I coat of arms.

But over the last few weeks, more items have been added.

Amanda’s favourite piece is a bronze bust of Mahatma Ghandi, given to the Council by the Indian High Commissioner, and which she says “has a lot of history attached to it.”

The peace treaty with the Dutch, signed by then Chairman Roy Duncan in 1986, is also on display.

This ended the 335-year war with the Netherlands, thought to be one of the longest in history, although not a single shot was fired.

A colourful collection of naval ships’ crests, given as a kind of ‘calling card’ by visiting vessels, has gone up on the wall.

A blank panel has been put up so new crests can be added in the future.

Amanda is also the curator of the museum, but she feels the right place for the objects is in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

She says they belong to the local community and she wants as many people as possible to see them and take an interest in history behind them.

Other objects may come to light over the coming months, she says, as people move offices and changes are made, and she hopes space can be found to display them too.

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