Isles of Scilly One Of New Health And Care ‘Pioneers’

St Mary's Hospital is run by Peninsula Community Health

The Isles of Scilly has been named as one of the ‘Pioneer’ areas to integrate health and social care services.

The status was awarded to a partnership of 15 organisations across Cornwall and Scilly, including our Council, Peninsula Community Health who run the hospital and the islands’ Healthwatch team.

It will allow access to help from the government to bring together health providers, like local hospitals and the Ambulance service, with social care, which has traditionally been the responsibility of local authorities and charities.

It should mean that people will see changes to these services before other parts of the country, including being able to move easily from one provider to another.

Cllr Richard McCarthy, Charmin of the Council’s Community Services Committee says he always felt that Scilly would be the ideal place to get health and social care services to work more closely together and to avoid duplication of effort.

He says they’ve already made a start with this over the last year or so.

But he says it’s good news that they’ll now be helped to progress all this in partnership with Cornwall, the Health Centre, St Mary’s hospital, the ambulance service and specialist care providers on the mainland.

The key aim is to develop a really seamless service for the islands, says Richard, and to shift spending away from crisis management.

He wants to see people here kept in the right environment and as fit and well and independent as possible.

The initiative has been welcomed by Scilly’s MP Andrew George, who says recent examples of failings in the system have highlighted the need for far better integration.

He said it’s ‘absurd’ that people currently have to fit their lives around health service management and financial structures, and he says the new status will provide the impetus to break down these barriers.