Fencing Workshop To Give Scilly’s Youngsters A Taste Of Unusual Sport

Sports Hall

Sports Hall

Youngsters will be given a chance to learn swashbuckling skills when the Council’s Children’s Services team run a fencing workshop next week.

It’s been organised by Jim Johnson, who says previous sessions run over the years have proved to be very popular with the children.

They’ll receive training from James Honeybone, who was in the 2012 GB Olympic squad as well as John Salfield who coached the team. They’re both members of Truro Fencing Club.

Jim says they’ll be bringing over top quality safety equipment and the new sports hall will provide a much better venue that in previous years.

He says the event could provide older children, who are about to move to the mainland, with a taster of the sport, which they can then continue at Truro College.

There are some fencers on the islands, but setting up a permanent club here would be difficult without the equipment and trainers.

Jim says the sport is very demanding physically and popular with girls. In fact, last time a workshop was held, they beat the boys, he says.

The workshops are being run on 7th and 8th November. Primary-aged children (8+) will have their chance from 10am to 12pm and the cost is £15 for the two days.

Secondary-aged youngsters will have their sessions from 1pm to 3.30pm and cost £17.50.

Contact the Children’s Services team to book a place.