Process For Filling Vacant Council Seats Advertised

town hall windows signIf you’re interested in being a councillor serving St Mary’s or Bryher, you could encourage a by-election and stand.

That’s the message from the Town Hall elections team.

They’re publicising the process for filling the two vacancies on the Council following the recent death of Cllr Dudley Mumford and a lack of interest from candidates for a Bryher seat.

Two locals would have to request the ballot and islanders would go to the ballot box within 35 days of that.

Community Relations Officer George Pearson says nobody has asked for an election.

The Bryher seat was advertised after the May ballot when only one candidate, Marian Bennett, was elected. She was the sole candidate for the two seats on the island.

On re-advertisement there were no takers.

The Council had planned to publicise the St Mary’s vacancy and it was decided to include the off-island opportunity as the same time.