Popularity Of Fish And Chip Van Forcing Changes By Council

fish and chips pothcressaThe Council wants to create a new, dedicated stand for the fish and chip van at the rear of the Town Hall.

It’s part of several changes designed to tidy up the area that were recommended in the recent Licensing Committee meeting.

A report presented to councillors said the food van often arrives in the early evening before Council staff have moved their cars.

This can result in vehicles getting blocked in and the van having to move later, with “hot oil slopping around in the back.”

And the queue for food can often block the entrance to the roads leading to Silver Street and Parson’s Field.

The new fixed site will be set up parallel to the Town Hall and will be marked out with paint to stop other people parking there.

The remaining area will then be divided up as a car park.

A fence is likely to be placed around the recycling area to screen it from passers by.

The Council amended its Street Trading Policy last year and set the annual licence cost at £750.

Councillors have recommended that the trading licence currently used by the fish and chip van, which operates under a different process, should be put out to tender.

They want the cost raised from £500 to a minimum of £700.

That means it will be more similar to the other trading licenses being offered.

A final proposal will need to be submitted to the Policy and Resources Committee in November and to Full Council in December.