Five Islands School Continues To Exceed National Targets

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

Pupils at the Five Islands School have continued to exceed national targets across all age groups.

The most recent data for 2013 shows that 83% of children at Key Stage 2 are achieving their targets in maths and English, against a target of 60%.

And where 35% of pupils nationally are expected to get five or more GCSEs at levels A* to C, that number is a whopping 86% on the islands.

Speaking at last week’s Children and Young People Committee meeting, Performance Manager Keith Grossett said with such small numbers of pupils here, it’s difficult to compare grades from one year to the next.

Keith said a better measure was how the youngsters progress through school.

On the whole this is good, but he said there are some concerns that progress at Key Stage 2 in reading and writing are below the minimum.

He put this down to one or two students who miss their targets.

He said the school is working hard to identify children who are underperforming and to help them reach the expected levels.

Chair of Governors Ben Julian said the Governing Body are delighted and proud that the children and staff have produced this result and he wanted to congratulate the whole school community.

He added that they’ll continue to strive for educational excellence and will be working with the new head teacher, Linda Todd, to develop a sharply-focused improvement plan for the school based around the recent data.