Planning Inspectorate Rejects Mermaid Terrace Appeal

mermaid pubThe Mermaid pub in Hugh Town will not be able to build a first floor terrace overlooking the harbour.

The Planning Inspectorate has refused an appeal brought by pub owner, Punch Taverns.

It follows rejection of the plans by councillors back in January, who cited noise and increased pressure on the fragile sewerage system as the reason.

The Planning Inspector, Douglas Machin said it was likely that noise, cigarette smoke and inconsiderate behaviour by people using the terrace would be an “intolerable nuisance” to residents of the neighbouring flats.

Many of these have windows overlooking the proposed area and a number of owners wrote letters of objection during the planning process.

He said this disturbance would outweigh any claimed benefits to the economy.

And Mr Machin wrote that noisy behaviour on the terrace would not conserve or enhance the historic waterfront or the peace and tranquillity of the islands, which are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The pub had claimed that having an alternative outdoor space would also remove the nuisance caused by people standing in the street to smoke.

But Mr Machin said he didn’t think the plan would avoid that happening anyway.

He also felt that similar outdoor spaces at Tregarthen’s Hotel and The Atlantic Hotel were not directly comparable and couldn’t be used as a precedent.

A spokesperson for Punch Taverns said the company is currently exploring all options and is not in a position to provide any more information this week.

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