New Children’s Book Celebrates One Of Scilly’s Most Unique Animals

scilly shrew bookA new children’s book set in Scilly is being launched. But its author has never visited the islands.

Jeff Jenkins has written ‘Scilly Shrew Tales’ about a family of the uniquely local animals living in Tresco’s Abbey Gardens.

Their adventures take readers on a tour of the island, which Jeff researched at his local library and online.

Jeff said he wanted to write about something more unusual and the nature of our shrews provided the perfect subject for his book.

He’d seen the animals on wildlife programmes and said from there it “just grew and grew.”

He says he now wants to come to Scilly to see one in real life.

Jeff says it was more straightforward writing for children than he’d expected. You just imagine being in the scene, he says, and then describe it to someone who’s seven years old.

Scilly Shrew Tales is out on Friday 15th November and will be available from Amazon.