School Launches Search For New Governors

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

The Chairman of the Five Islands School governing body, Ben Julian, has launched a campaign to recruit new governors.

It’s part of the reconstitution of the group. That was a recommendation of a Department for Education investigation into school governance.

Ben has previously said it’s his goal to reduce the number of ‘stakeholder’ governors, such as parents and staff members, to a core of seven people.

The body recently undertook an audit of governors’ skills. Ben says they’re strong on curriculum experience but he’d be interested to hear from people who want to volunteer and have skills in finance, the law or human resources.

But he says any candidates wouldn’t be expected to give the school advice for free. The role of the governors is to hold the school and it’s leadership to account and encourage excellence.

Ben says that recent events have been incredibly stressful but he’d like to think that most of the issues surrounding the suspension of the former head teacher are behind them.

And he says going into the school, seeing how it is run and trying to improve things can be incredibly rewarding.

If you want to discuss applying, you can call Ben on 422169. You’ll need to apply by the 18th November and interviews will be held on 20th November.