Legal Detail Slows Down Sale Of Council’s Most Sought After House

town hall windows sign

The Council is hoping to start the sale of its largest domestic property at 6 Sally Port by the end of this month.

Councillors voted to sell the 3-bedroomed house, which used to be occupied by the former Chief Executive Philip Hygate, in September. It’s thought to need significant and costly renovation work.

Housing Officer Ian Hamilton said an unusual covenant being placed on the sale had slowed down the process.

The Council wants the purchaser to hand back 25% of any profit made if the site is redeveloped.

Ian said that hadn’t been “quite as simple” legally as was first thought.

Cllr Mollie Peacock managed to get a resolution passed that any profit made from the sale would be used for housing purposes on the islands.

Prospective buyers will have four weeks to put in sealed bids and Ian says there’s already been considerable interest in the sale, including an enquiry from someone in St Ives.